Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Catan Con 2015

So, there are many things to look forward to in the next month or so:
  • my wife enjoys her birthday (March 31st)
  • I mark the end of my first year here at TDOE (April 1st - yes, I started work here on April Fool's Day.. go figure)
  • this blog celebrates a decade of publication - since it was started right around the birth of my youngest son (April 1st)
  • speaking of that, Collin turns 10 years old (April 12th)
  • Catan Con 2015 comes to Nashville - yep, about 20 minutes from my house! (April 24-26)
No, Catan Con is not more important than my wife's birthday. (And she didn't make me write that.)

But it's pretty darn cool that this first Catan-focused event is happening literally just down the road from us!

It's the 20th anniversary this year of Klaus Teuber's innovative game design, The Settlers of Catan... and Mayfair Games is throwing a shindig/hoedown/birthday party/gaming convention at the Opryland Hotel in late April. 

I'm really looking forward to:
  • mammoth versions of Catan, Downfall of Pompeii & Catan Junior
  • the giant tabletop version of Lords of Vegas
  • playing some of the oddball Catan versions I haven't played before
  • "The Big Game" - a taste of the world record-setting Catan game
I'm not as excited about the tournaments/qualifiers - but you may be. The winner gets sent on to the Nationals at GenCon this summer.

I'll be there, both as a reporter/photographer for the Opinionated Gamers blog and as a long-time fan of Catan. It would be great to see some of you there!

If you're interested, just scoot on over to the Catan Con Facebook page for more information & tickets.

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