Friday, January 31, 2020

#36: Friday (Mark's Top 50 - 2020)


  • rank: 361
  • rating: 7.18
Print Status
  • in print (I think... if not, it's easy to find a copy on Amazon or WalMart)
Why It's On The List
  • The first of two solitaire games on my top 50 list... this is an inventive use of the deckbuilding mechanic as you are Friday from the novel Robinson Crusoe... trying to keep Robinson alive and get him ready to face down the pirates. 
Tips & Tricks:
    • I used to be really good at this game... actually won once on Level 3 (there are four levels). Those days are gone - I haven't defeated both pirates on Level 1 in my last 10 games.
    • The rules for the various powers are a little tick-y... you need to make sure you read EXACTLY what they do (and do not do) in the rulebook.
    • This is an extremely portable game - when I'm traveling to speak, it's easy to throw in the suitcase and beats the heck out of watching HGTV in a hotel room.
    • I didn't plan this... but I love that I'm posting this review on a Friday. Friedemann (the designer) would love it, too.
    • If you get a chance to play a game with Friedemann, take the chance... even if it's not one of his games. He single handedly made our game of Mord im Arosa into a laugh riot a few years back.

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