Monday, January 20, 2020

#47: Unmatched: Battle of Legends (Mark's Top 50 -2020)

Unmatched: Battle of Legends
  • rank: 2094
  • rating: 8.18
Print Status
  • in print
Why It's On The List
  • Take the basic card combat idea behind Star Wars: Epic Duels... add in the brilliant LOS board configuration system from Tannhauser...and infuse the game thematically with a "mix of characters across time & reality" vibe from Heroscape... and then do a top-notch production job... and you've got Unmatched.
Tips & Tricks:
  • One of the biggest issues in Epic Duels (the need of some characters to turtle for multiple turns in order to make decent attacks) is fixed here... both by better balancing the decks AND by instituting a "getting to the end of your deck" penalty.
  • Each character/team has different strengths and weaknesses... you cannot play each character the same way and be successful.
  • The character receiving the least love out of the gate was King Arthur... but I've managed to pull off some wins with him by playing the cards in his deck, not the cards I wish he had.
  • Currently, the game doesn't have a free-for-all mode... I don't think that's a loss.
    • This is the first of four (4!) Rob Daviau games that will appear on my top 50 list this time around.
    • The Bigfoot/Robin Hood expansion also works as a stand-alone 2 player game.
    • Bruce Lee is price-y... but his deck is really interesting to play.

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