Sunday, May 15, 2022

MIA from the Top 100 2022: Terraforming Mars

I'm not sure what happened... but five games that SHOULD have been in my top 100 somehow got missed. So, I'm blogging about them now. Sheesh.
Terraforming Mars

    • rank: 5
    • rating: 8.4
    • published: 2016
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    • available
    Why It's On The List
    • Despite my attempts to avoid Terraforming Mars for a number of years, this game sucked me in. It combines hand management, resource management, engine-building, leeching off other players work, racing to complete goals, and even a bit of take that. And it works.
    Tips & Tricks:
      • While I get why some people like it with a full complement of five players, I think I enjoy it more with 2-3 players or as a solo game.
      • Resist the urge to throw everything into the game for first-timers... there's a lot to process. It's also helpful to explain why you are doing what you are doing during their first game - just not in an obnoxious manner.
      • It's important to build the engine you have/draw rather than the one you wish you had. It's a long enough game that wishing you were doing something different can make seem unending.
      • There are a LOT of expansions for this game system - I own all of them. The only two I think are really necessary, though, are Prelude and the Hellas/Elysium alternate map.
      • Thanks to the generosity of a good friend, I also own the 3D pieces... and they are a delight.
      • I would recommend a better play mat for each player than the one provided... something that makes it less likely that a table bump would end the game.

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