Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Big Brother

Braeden & Collin getting some hang time in the hospital on the day Collin was born. Consider this my "little gift" for those of you who ran over here to see the "new" blog site. Posted by Hello


Jedi Master Deba Sing said...

Holy Moly! Braeden is so big! By the way this is Debra. You probably won't want to put a link to my blog on yours because I tend to go on some nasty rants. But that is because I created it mainly to keep in touch with my girlfriends in MS.

Anonymous said...

Hey where you did you get such cute kids? OH - they look like Shari!!! I really am happy to see pics. I wouldn't believe that Braeden is so big. Next time you guys get to TX -CALL SOMEBODY!