Monday, April 18, 2005

Sin City

This is flat-out the best review I've heard of the movie so far... and, of course, it's from one of the guys I game with on a regular basis:

I enjoyed most of it but it was a little too violent even for me. Luckily they broke it up with some nudity... In terms of comic book style I think it should be the halmark that every other comic book movie should try to emulate. I would've enjoyed the depravity a little more if I wasn't so worried about some of the young kids in the audince being mentally tramatized and shooting me in the head when I cut them off on the freeway 10 years later.

Think what you will, but if you can't figure out whether you'd enjoy the movie (or not) from this review, you really need to take a "Reading For Comprehension" class, pronto.

For the record: While I'm a fan of some of Frank Miller's stuff (I really like "Batman: Year One"), "Sin City" wasn't enjoyable on paper and I can't imagine it being any more enjoyable on film.

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