Wednesday, April 06, 2005

M.C. Fluff Daddy

My sister asked: "Fluffdaddy??? Where in the world did that come from? you must splain."

Westley: Who are you? Are we enemies? Why am I on this wall? Where is Buttercup?

Inigo Montoya: Let me 'splain. [pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Nearly 3 years ago, I was part of a e-mail group called Nigglybits (which was a bunch of gamers who also enjoyed talking about all sorts of off-topic kinds of stuff). They'd made good-natured fun of me for quite a while because I like "fluffy" games - as opposed to 'brain burning' or 'strategy' games. (Which is funny, as I actually like both.)

Anyway, one day I goofily posted a "rap" to the group, attributing it to M.C. Fluff Daddy (taking off on the then-popular Puff Daddy.) The nickname stuck - and to this day, I'm referred to in most gaming circles as Fluff Daddy.

So, I just decided to enjoy the silliness and it's what I use for e-mail and my blog id.

And that's the story.

What follows is the actual posts/"raps" that started the whole thing.

WARNING: I rap only slightly better than I dance. Plus, this contains lots of obscure German gaming references that are better left unexplored. And did I mention it's really bad?

[cue Greg Schloesser to make beat box noise with his mouth while Sarah Samuelson turns her cap around backwards and says "Heyyyy, boyyyy" a lot]

I'm a fluffy fool, and a real down dude

I don't play mean and I don't play rude

Ab die Post, Aura Poku,

Carabande, Storrisches Muli, too!

Willy Wachsbar's my homie,

So's Loopin' Louie,

If you get in my face,

I'll... I'll... chase you up a tree!

Oh, I can't rap [no, he can't rap]

Oh, I can't rap [no, he can't rap]

But I'm the Prince of Quirky Fluff

Go Quirky! Go Quirky! Go Quirky! Go Quirky!

(We now return to something approximating reality.)

And as if that weren't bad enough...

donald seagraves wrote:> I move that "rapping" of this sort should be heretofor banned from the pub..... Any seconds? Mwahahahaha

dave bernazzani wrote:> Seconded! hehheh

1st Amendment! 1st Amendment! Rapping is a form of personal expression... of course, when *I* do it, it's also cruel & unusual punishment, so we've got a Constitutional crisis in the works.

Soooooooooo... (you asked for this, all you nay-sayers!)

[cue Nick-E to do his best 'sullen white guy' impression]

You can't stop me! I can rap if I want

I can sing! I can dance! I can rap! I can taunt!

(Any resemblance of me dancing to actual dancing is purely concidental.)

Don't... (oohhh - yehhh) dis... (oohhh - yehhh) Fluff Daddy!

(Everybody intha house...)

Don't... (oohhh - yehhh) dis... (oohhh - yehhh) Fluff Daddy!

(Everybody intha house...)

My fluffy games are like a pile of cotton

I can lean right back and fall right on 'em

Like Charmin, Mr. Whipple and the Snuggle bear

You won't find no sharp edges there!

Bring on the cutsie wooden animals

Spinners & shakers, too!

I'm willing to play anything

Even that stupid Aura Poku

Come on, girls, sing about that Angry Brother

"Angry Brother, he's a heavy

Doesn't drive a Ford or a Chevy

Looks like Nick and sounds Greg

Fluff Daddy's gonna take him down a peg"

BE-you-tiful... join us on the chorus!

Don't... (oohhh - yehhh) dis... (oohhh - yehhh) Fluff Daddy!

(Everybody intha house...)

Don't... (oohhh - yehhh) dis... (oohhh - yehhh) Fluff Daddy!

(Everybody intha house...)

I warned you - if you've got this far, you're either a glutton for punishment or... well, a glutton for punishment.

I promise - no more rapping on this blog.

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