Monday, July 17, 2006

48 Hours

By this time Wednesday, I'll be winging my way across the U.S. enroute to Gulf Games 18. (Maybe that's not the best choice of words - "winging" implies some kind of speed, and due to the vagaries of air travel out of Fresno & into Louisville, I will actually be forced to fly in the wrong direction to start my 10 hour journey.)

Of course, once I arrive in Louisville, the 3 hour time difference will mean that my body/brain will think it's three hours earlier than local time - thus fooling me into staying up way too late playing games. If I'm not smart about this (and history has shown that "being smart about health" and "opportunities to play board games" are pretty much mutually exclusive categories in my life), I will end up with one hefty weird case of jet lag by the time I fly back home on Monday.

So, here's my plan:
  • sleep a lot on the three different flights I'll "enjoy" on Wednesday (Fresno - San Francisco - Chicago O'Hare - Louisville)
  • go to bed by 2 am on Wednesday night
  • pace myself so that I'm not a complete wreck by Saturday afternoon ("Pace? What is this pace you speak of? I am not familiar with the concept of, how you say, pace?")
  • sleep a lot on the three different flights I'll "enjoy" on Monday (Louisville - Chicago O'Hare - Los Angeles - Fresno)
A lot of the folks attending Gulf Games are planning on side trips to Kentucky Kingdom or the Louisville Slugger factory... which implies that they plan to leave the hotel at some point. I'm with Ted Cheatham - following one of the early Gulf Games (that was actually in a hotel on the Gulf of Mexico, hence the name!), Ted was asked about whether or not he enjoyed the beach (right outside the hotel). He replied, "Beach? What beach?" I mean, why go outside into the miserable/hot/humid joy that is Kentucky in July when there are good friends to talk with & great games to play?

I may be able to get a post or two off before I leave... but I don't plan on blogging from Wednesday - Monday. When I return, though, I'll kick into high gear & blog my Gulf Games experiences.

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