Monday, October 15, 2007

And You Think I'm Obsessed?!

Yes, I do like Battlelore... enough that I've managed to purchase all the current expansions.

But I've got NOTHING (I repeat, nothing) on this guy... see his video over at YouTube.


ironcates said...

Mark, you are perfectly sane in your obsession over Battlelore. When you take up the task to paint all those minatures we'll have to have an intervention.

I love the dice tower and the lore tokens he uses. I might have to get some of those tokens. That dice tower works really well too. How many times did he wipe out an entire unit with one roll!?

Have you seen this insane French Battlelore fan video? He does a Descent video too.

Ed Rozmiarek said...

And the problem is... what?

Something like this just makes me want to break out the paints and start working on my minis. Now where is that time harvester...