Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Defeating the Marro Invaders

Braeden & I have been talking about a Marro vs. the world "battle royale" since we first picked up the new Heroscape set, Swarm of the Marro... and we finally got to make that a reality this weekend. The pictures you see here are our layout for a massive 1400+ point per army battle between every Marro "hero" & squad we own & a hand-picked army, all from Jandar.

The castle is the objective (more about that in a minute)... you can see the bone dragon & the Marro giant perched on the bridges in front of the castle.

The shelves in the background are my Heroscape shelves, where the figures go when they're not involved in battle. (Yes, these pics are taken in my game room - man, I love having a room where I can set all this stuff up and not worry about it.)

The view to your left is an overhead shot looking into the castle, where the Marro Hive has broken through the floor. There's a 6 level high "cavern beneath the castle with multiple entrances. The Marro want to hold the castle & destroy Jandar's army; Jandar wants to destroy the Marro Hive.

This Marro Striker is high above the battlefield, waiting to reign death down on the invading forces.

Current game situation: Braeden (the Marro) has lost his dragon, his giant & what we call "the spider wizard". I have lost my dragon & am having to use Kelda to keep Sgt. Drake alive. I haven't been able to get a foothold of any kind around the castle yet, though.

I'll update you as the situation changes.

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