Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monkeys At The Zoo

I have got to clean house

gotta make my bed

gotta clear my head

It's gettin' kinda stuffy in here

smells sorta funky too

like monkeys at the zoo;

and I have been a-whorin' after things

cause I wanna get everything right

that's a big fat lie

no amount of green, gold or silver

the perfect body

another hot toddy

work for the Lord

fame and power

power and sex

a seat at the table

at the Belle Meade country club

Here's the rub

Nothin' will ever take the place of the peace of God

Charlie Peacock, "Monkeys At The Zoo" (from his album FULL CIRCLE)

I haven't even had the CD player on this morning... and still this song is running through my head. Not a bad thing, mind you - just weird. Jesus, how do I enjoy the stuff of earth without turning it into "a hundred little gods on a gilded wheel"? How do I finish well when I'm carrying this 3 piece set of matching emotional luggage?

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nashbabe said...

Oh, i DO love that Steve Taylor song. That is a song I should probably have played at my funeral, not to get creepy or anything.