Sunday, December 16, 2007

Survivor: China

After the loss of James (good riddance), Eric (darn), and Peih-Gee (inevitable), I'm not sure who'll win tonight. Here's my personal order of preference:
  1. Amanda... who has at least actually been playing the game with some sort thought involved.
  2. Denise... though I really don't think she has a chance to win and she hasn't done much to position herself any better than 4th. OTOH, she seems like a nice lady & someone who I'd enjoy in real life.
  3. Todd... shudder. He's the "mastermind" who ended up handing James not one but TWO immunity idols - which, btw, should have meant he would still be sitting at tribal council if Amanda hadn't engineered a nifty blind-siding move. He gets 3rd position in my book only because I have to leave 4th position for...
  4. Courtney... who has managed to snark & finagle her way into the endgame by being weak & not caring. Please do not give her money.

I think Amanda is likely to win if she can make it to the final three...

Of course, there was some hint that it might be a final two again in the promos, in which case I'd bet on Denise to be knocked off first, followed by Amanda & Todd trying to figure out how to get Courtney on their side - whichever one of them wins individual immunity in that situation will get the million smackeroos.

One more reality game/board game related link, since we're talking about Survivor: Shannon Applecline has written some pretty interesting posts on reality show game design at Skotos... start with this one on The Amazing Race and follow the links in the column to more goodness.

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Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Sigh... Todd won. Got to admit he did a bang-up job at final Tribal Council - but that doesn't mean I think he was all that great a player (except in his own mind.)