Tuesday, December 04, 2007

T-Minus 5 Days & Counting...

The excitement is building here in the Jackson house as we get ready for our Disneyland Resort vacation. Yeah, and the kids are looking forward to it as well. (smirk)

I asked Collin (our 2 year old) a few days ago about whether he wanted to ride with Mom or with Dad... and he informed me that he wanted to ride with Chip'n'Dale. He's also very interested in the Tea Cups & Gadget's Go Coaster.

Braeden continues planning to ride all four mountains (Big Thunder, the Matterhorn, Splash Mtn & Space Mtn). He's also considering trying Indiana Jones... but the Tower of Terror is, in the words of Monty Python, "right out."

I need to say a huge thank you to our travel agent, Suzy Schreiner with Mouse Fan Travel... she was/is incredibly helpful. When we finally settled on the package we wanted, she found out we couldn't get it for all six nights - so she finagled a way to book us directly through the hotel for one night & through Disney for five nights. If you're planning a Disney vacation, drop her a line (suzy@mei-travel.com) & ask for a quote. (She's not paying me to say this... I was just impressed by the service & professionalism.)

Things I'm most looking forward to:
  • watching Collin experience the parks for the first time
  • riding the submarines with their new Finding Nemo re-do
  • experiencing the Fantasmic! show on the Rivers of America (rather than in a big ampitheater like at WDW)
  • 7 days of vacation with my wife & boys
  • taking Braeden on adventures (Jedi Training show, Star Tours, Space Mtn, etc.)
  • seeing the castle decorated for Christmas
  • getting to spend one day with my family AND my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Richard
  • having enough time there to ride anything we want... and then ride it again!

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