Saturday, October 18, 2008

Battle Royale: National Heroscape Day

The Battle Royale continues... here we sneak a peak at my Ashigaru soldiers (led by the new samurai general) and assisted by Guilty McCreech & Isamu the ninja. They're laying in wait for any attempt Braeden's army makes to exit my side of the board.

Today, btw, was National Heroscape Day - tourneys & other events took place across the nation, publicizing this wonderful (but not inexpensive) game.

Here's the view from Braeden's side He's got Omicron Snipers perched on the high points, the new one-eyed ogre (Braeden calls him "Krug's cousin") and the Zetacron working towards the castle entrance, an elf wizard throwing fire at my monks, and some spiders trying to take the bridge on the left flank. (You can see some of my samurai coming through the swamp on the right flank, but the elf wizard has been mowing them down.)

Finally, an overhead view from my side of the board... my Ashigaru squads are in place. I've got one monk holding down the "range" glyph while the other one & the Master try to get the vial out of the castle without being flamed. Again, you can barely see my samurai on the left flank.

I feel like I'm in better shape right now - I've killed off a lot of Braeden's guys - but the ones who are left have some decent firepower & he's got them well-positioned. If the dice don't turn on me, I'd give myself a 65% chance of winning this one.

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