Sunday, October 05, 2008


No, not the magazine - but some highlights from the past few days:
  • One of my former youth (and the first bride I had the privilege to perform her wedding ceremony) has a wonderful blog - Sarah Underhill. (Yes, her last name sounds like she's straight out of a Tolkien novel.) I loved her post Bedtime Conversations.
  • Iron Man was very, very cool - Robert Downey Jr. was perfectly cast, the pacing was great & the FX were right on. I'm not sure it's the best comic book movie ever (can't forget Batman Begins or the first two X-Men) but it's awfully good.
  • Traded the old Mayfair game Sanctuary (yep, I actually read the Thieves World short story collections back in the day - when I was heavily into swords & sorcery fantasy/D&D) for GW's Chainsaw Warrior. This was actually a re-acquisition - I sold my copy of Chainsaw Warrior way back when for store credit to buy 3rd edition Talisman. I'm 7-8 games in without a win (it's a solo game) and having a blast.
  • I'm currently being challenged by Gary Thomas' The Beautiful Fight & Matthew Paul Turner's Provocative Faith. Open these books at your own risk.

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