Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cowboy Meets Ninja

Halloween starts early here in Easton, thanks to the Benzler family and their yearly Halloween party (complete with haunted house, magician & humongous amounts of food.) Collin took his dress-up outfit his Aunt Liz got him and borrowed some extra stuff from his buddy, Robert Ollech, to make a great cowboy costume. The sunglasses, also from Robert, are a very cool touch.

We figured you'd like to see him without the sunglasses, though - so here's another picture of the cowboy in his natural habitat, the fenced-in front yard.

Braeden & I found him this ninja costume on sale at Target - my guess is that the real selling point was not being a ninja but getting the cool ninja props to play with. (I'm not immune to the charms of plastic sai daggers myself.)

Just as the cool cowboy needed to drop his shades & grace us with his baby blues, we made the ninja show us his secret identity. Yes, a red-haired ninja!

And then, we took a picture of them together... we are so proud of our boys!

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