Monday, March 02, 2009

Idea Camp: Link-o-rama

Want to follow up on some of the cool things I experienced and/or learned about at The Idea Camp? Here's some links to some nifty stuff:
  • Church Marketing Sucks - I've written about this website/blog before - I admire the heck out of their iconoclastic tone & their rabid devotion to the cause of Christ. What changed is that I actually got to be part of a workshop with Brad Abare, the dude behind CMS. He's worth getting to know.
  • Visioneering Studios - I need to more about these folks, esp. after hearing Mel McGowan (sp?) speak about church environments & redesign.
  • Eric Bryant - I've already said lots of nice things over the years about Eric... he's an excellent author/speaker/friend. You should read his book, btw. (And not just because I've known him since he was a teenager.)
  • DEIDOX - "short documentaries about an active God"... this is great videos (5 min. each) about what it looks like when individuals make a God-sized dent in their communities - inspiring!
  • The Digital Sanctuary - Cynthia Ware's blog about technology (esp. new media) & the church
  • The Chronicles of Dawnia - she calls her blog "an unremarkable soul in the service of a remarkable God" but I found her attitude about gender roles & innovation remarkable & God-focused
  • Livin' Venti - Scott Hodge's blog - a pastor with a great sense of humor & a great sense of God who's really walking through the whole "traditional 2 missional" transition thing


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the link love.

Anonymous said...

A little belated, but I just found your trackback to my blog.

Thank you for your kind words! I found theideacamp to be one of those gatherings where you just know that God had a reason for sending you. Lots of good connections made and challenges to dream big things for God.

Glad I found your blog, too. God bless ya!

Dawn Carter