Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lego is Ahead of the Curve

My buddy, Keith Monaghan (marketing guru, former D&D player, groomsman at my wedding) Twittered this earlier today from boing boing (which is supposedly the chronicle of the cutting edge of technology):

It ended up being simply one more reminder of how cool Lego (and Legoland) are - since they've been doing this to people for a couple of years now.


Keith Monaghan said...

I want to work at Lego. They get it. Oh, and in my experience boingboing is more like the chronical of Dorkology. (I kid!)

Thanks for the link :-)

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

I, too, want to work at Lego. I want to be one of the builder people who just get to sit around & dream up new toys!

New Lego goodness tomorrow here on the blog, btw...

The link? But of course... you're my own personal marketing guru. (Doesn't everyone have one of those!?)

BTW, have I connected you to Church Marketing Sucks? Great stuff.