Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slick Streets & Funny Money

Is it my imagination or is Fresno local news worse than other places? A couple of examples for your consideration...

Dangerous Weather!

Horrific snowstorms blanketed the Midwest & Northeast last Christmas. Like every other self-respecting news station, our local news was showing clips of cars piled up, trees bent over with ice, snowplows running, etc. There was commentary about potential deaths from the freezing tempratures.

And then the weatherman said, "Here in the Central Valley, we have our own weather-related emergency." The video then shifted to LIVE footage of an empty street wet from rain.

That's right... those folks shoveling their way out of 10 foot snowbanks have nothing on us. We've got wet streets! Don't go out unless it is absolutely necessary!

We're in the Money

Monday, amidst the daily drumbeat of depressing economic news, our local Fox affiliate was touting an upcoming news story on the Fresno city government and their local stimulus plan. Nothing wrong with that - I'd like to know where my sales tax dollars are going.

In this case, it's the visual they chose to pair with the voice-over: a close-up of money being printed at one of the U.S. Mints. Which begs the question: does our "stimulus plan" involve counterfeiting?!

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