Monday, May 10, 2010

Five & Dime 2009: Blips

My good friend, Joe Huber (who also happens to be the game designer behind Ice Cream & Burger Joint - hmmm, is there a food theme here?!), loves playing around with gaming stats... so I let him have at the Five & Dime spreadsheets (at his request).

Here's the first bit of information unearthed from the gold mine...

Most "blips" - i.e., years when exactly one person reported 5+ plays of the game:

Pure blips - i.e., never reported by more than one person:

  • 7 - Burn Rate, Careers
  • 6 - Freibeuter, Pylos, Boku
  • 5 - Tonga Bonga, Attacke, Iron Dragon, Car Wars, Vs. System CCG, Castle, Mausen, Circus Maximus (Rome), Nuclear War, 25 Words or Less, Lines of Action

Impure blips - had multiple reports in one or more year, as well as many years with a single report:

  • 7 - Falling, Sharp Shooters, Samarkand, Netrunner CCG
  • 6 - Hornochsen, Linie 1/Streetcar, Upwords, Drunter & Druber, Mississippi Queen, Fill or Bust, Santa Fe Rails/Santa Fe, Merchant of Venus, Spinball, Stephensons Rocket, Billabong, Daytona 500, Code 777, Up Front, Dungeon Dice
  • 5 - Cafe International, Rosenkoenig/Texas, Enchanted Forest/Sagaland, Batik, Scotland Yard, Pente, Taboo, Drakon, It's Mine, Kahuna/Arabana Ikibiti, Tycoon, Black Vienna, Zum Kuckuck, Igel Argern, Zoff in Buffalo, Password, Outpost, Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit, Frisch Fisch, Auf Falscher Fahrte, Quo Vadis, Njet!, Split, Tutanchamun*, Medieval Merchant

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