Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Five & Dime 2009: Lo, How The Mighty Have Fallen

These are games that have appeared on the Five & Dime lists before... and have fallen in overall playing percentages.

Gamepercentage loss from 2008
Power Grid/Funkenschlag-14.64%
Race for the Galaxy-12.88%
In the Year of the Dragon-11.06%
10 Days/Europa Tour-10.97%
Ticket to Ride: The Card Game-10.32%
Take 6/6 Nimmt/Category 5/Slide 5-8.13%
Hanging Gardens, The-7.98%
Notre Dame-7.45%
Loopin' Louie-7.21%

As usual, I'm pretty darn accurate at predicting what will be on this list - I was sure that Agricola would be #1 (and I was right, even with the great year it had) and also nailed In The Year of the Dragon & Hanging Gardens. I missed (but only by two places) Stone Age.

The big question for next year: what will happen to Dominion? Will the plethora of expansions widen the appeal or narrow the rabid fan base?.

Predictions: Pandemic will drop hard again (sadly) as will Agricola, Race for the Galaxy & (crossing my fingers for luck) Dominion.

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Greg W said...

I would think you'd have better accuracy if you waited for the year after the last Race for the Galaxy expansion to predict a major decline.

You might be more accurate predicting Dominion with the impending threat of expansion fatigue after four expansions in a two year period and undoubtedly more announced before the end of the year.