Thursday, November 20, 2014

#70: Daytona 500 (Mark's 100 - 2014)

Daytona 500

Mark's Ranking
  • 2014: 70th
  • 2012: 52nd
  • 2010: 52nd
  • 2005: 68th
  • appeared on all four lists
  • rank: 702
  • rating: 7.21
Print Status
  • OOP
Why It's On The List
  • Wolfgang Kramer came up with an inventive racing game mechanic - using cards that moved multiple cars - and this version (weirdly published by Milton Bradley) is the best of the illustrious bunch.
Tips & Tricks:
    • The auctions are almost as important as the actual races to winning the game - spend wisely.
    • Drafting off other cars is important as well... esp. on the corners.
    • The other games in the series are Formel EinsTop Race, & Detroit/Cleveland Grand Prix.
    • The original game with this mechanic is Tempo - which is NOT a car racing game.
    • Here's some information on Detroit/Cleveland Grand Prix from my old website, Game Central Station.
    • Here's what I wrote about Daytona 500 for The One Hundred.


    Matt Sears said...

    A classic. I remember the first time I laid eyes on my copy:

    Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

    Matt's story is great - you should follow the link & enjoy it!