Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Top 25 Card Games (that didn't make the Top 100)

Here are the my top 25 card games that didn't make my top 100... this time around. They are all great games, worthy of your attention, table time & purchase. 

If I've written about them here on the blog, I've included the link in the list.

25. Smash Up
24. Star Realms
23. Duck Duck Bruce
22. Famiglia
21. For Sale
20. Brawl
19. Family Business
18. Olympia 2000
17. Mamma Mia
16. Jungle Speed
15. Balloon Cup
14. Mow
13. Trendy
12. Light Speed
11. Odin's Ravens
10. Friday
9. The Bucket King
8. Sushi Go!
7. Glory to Rome
6. DC Deckbuilding
5. Klunker
4. Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper
3. Innovation
2. Vom Kap bis Kairo
1. Bargain Hunter


Anonymous said...

What, no BANG!!!


Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Jimbo - BANG! has been eclipsed here by DC Deckbuilding as the go-to game of choice... and you can't actually get knocked out before taking a turn in DC. :-)

You might enjoy Bang! The Dice Game, which is faster than regular Bang and easier to teach to non-gamers.