Saturday, August 13, 2005

Long Time, No Blog

Whew... it's been many moons since I've blogged up here. I've got a lot to say/type/whatever, but I'm not sure I've got time to get to all of it. Which means I'll probably break it into smaller posts, which means more fun for your RSS feeder. Current situation:

  • all of the family is back in Fresno... and safely, despite the fun I had in Orlando with having to trade jets due to tire shrapnel & a hydraulic leak.
  • Aaron Kellar, our prospective worship/youth pastor, and his family are here visiting this weekend from Portland, OR. Things are going well... and I do like the guy. Voting is tomorrow after church. (For those from less autonomous church backgrounds, the members of a Southern Baptist church have the final say-so in voting to call a prospective staff member.)
  • I'm still getting comments about people seeing me in the paper.
  • I'm not playing fantasy football this year (for the first time since 1993... yowsa.) Too much on my plate this fall: wife, two sons, capital campaign, new staff member, etc.
  • Just finished watching Word Wars, a documentary about the 2002 National Scrabble tournament. Worth watching, though the language is pretty rough. And people think I'm obsessed about games. Sheesh.

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