Friday, August 19, 2005

To Be Continued...

Just thought I'd list for you guys (and for myself) what stories I need to tell (as promised over the history of this blog) and what series of posts I need to finish.
  • more about Sunday in the Park With George (the musical & the painting)
  • the story of the Pig Trail & the burning bus
  • the story of how I got kicked out of Disneyland
  • try to explain incarnational evangelism (notes from Becky Pippert's talk in May)
  • an update on Collin's current health condition
  • a post about coolness & gaming & being in the "in" crowd that's been percolating in my brain since June
  • posting Dennis' "closing prayer" for tc@hh - since the format it's in right now is pretty much unreadable
  • How In The Heck Did I End Up Here (part seven): how I got to NewLife
  • Gulf Games: Saturday & Sunday
I do take requests... :-)

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