Saturday, August 13, 2005

Please Come To Boston

As I posted earlier, I went to Boston (or at least nearby) in order to officiate at the wedding of Charles & Natalie Glaser. The wedding went off without a hitch, up to and including the weather turning from hot & muggy on the day of the rehearsal to comfortable & breezy the night of the ceremony. The wedding coordinators and their facility (Independence Harbor) were top-notch... some of the best I've ever worked with.

Of course, it was a blast to see Charles, who has become a good friend over the game table. We even managed to shoehorn a game of Diamant in between the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner with the groomsmen. (Many who are gamers themselves.)

I left the rehearsal dinner earlier than planned (because the dinner started MUCH later than planned) to hang out with friends from Alan Moon's The Gathering of Friends: Dave & Jenn Bernazzani (I'm sure I've spelled this wrong - I can barely pronounce it) and Mark "Dangermouse" Edwards. We played one game (Kreta) which was notable mainly for how long it took because we kept getting distracted with odd conversations about video game systems, Dave's addiction to yard sales, and Mark & I attempting to quote sections of Finding Nemo correctly. All in all, a wonderful evening. (And I didn't even particularly enjoy Kreta - if I'm going to do an area majority game, I'd rather be playing El Grande.)

The wedding, as I said above, went very well - once everyone got there. There was an accident on the main road into Assonet which slowed traffic to a crawl. That only made the fact that there were 9 of us in the limo (groom, pastor, 5 groomsmen, 1 reader/groomsman & one of the groomsmen's dates) a bigger deal - never thought you could get claustraphobia in a stretch limo. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful, nobody muffed their lines, and I got to speak scriptural truth into it all.

Then came the dinner. I'm still not a big fan of drunken renditions of the Bunny Hop, but since I don't encounter it all that often, I can live with that. I spent most of my time at the wedding dinner/reception/dance talking with Natalie's family, particularly her mother, grandfather, and uncle. Her grandfather emigrated to Canada in the '50's from the Azores Islands (think "middle of the Atlantic Ocean") and from there to the U.S. His stories about that time were fascinating.

At 11:30 pm, I turned into a pumpkin and hightailed it back to the hotel... in order to make an EARLY flight to New Orleans the next morning. More on that later!

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