Wednesday, June 28, 2006

(7 x 3 x 2) + 1/365th

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes... and the trivia about Paul McCartney!

Now, a bit of advice - please IGNORE all of the lukewarm reviews of Disney/Pixar's Cars... it is a delightful film. There are some big laughs (esp. near the end - do NOT leave until the very end of the credits!) but the thing I liked best about the film is that I didn't want it to be over. We could have spent another 2 hours in the sleepy little burg of Radiator Springs and I'd have been a happy man.

Of course, there are all sorts of joys for adults with sharp ears & eyes (it took me a minute or so to place Click'n'Clack from NPR)... one that RIPS by early on in the film is a flash of birds on a power line... a quote from the short "For the Birds"! And that's just scratchin' the surface

Braeden enjoyed it as much the second time as he did the first... and this even after going to another movie in the morning. (Yes, we are trying to turn our son into Roger Ebert... he he he.)

This is another "must purchase" as soon as it arrives on DVD. But go see it on the big screen so you can experience the racing scenes in their full "ooh-ahh" glory.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks for the positive comments. I've always enjoyed pixar movies, but had been worried by the reviews.

Oh and a BIG happy birthday for the other day.

Anonymous said...

Everything in CARS is a reference to something, but it is not as shameless as some before it. The rock formations are all cars or parts, including a nod to "Cadillac Ranch" outside of Amarillo. I saw the birds, and you are right -- It RACES past. It helps adults to know the history of old 66, and a few tidbits about automobiles in general. For all the gentle readers, don't let the reviews cloud your judgment. It is a great film for all ages.

Amy said...

What Paul and I saw of it, we liked. We made the BIG mistake of bringing Harrison. We thought by giving him popcorn and sitting him infront of cars for two hours that he would be fine. WRONG! he had sat enough after ten minutes. I spent the rest of the movie chasing him around the theater, while he mopped the floor with his knees and ate various droppings off the floor and occasionally looked up to yell "CAAARRRRR" Thankfully it was only us and one other mom/kid in the theater.