Sunday, June 04, 2006

Driving w/Cell Phones & Movie-Going w/Pastors

Joel Stein is a funny man... I read a number of his columns when he worked for Time magazine - I didn't realize that he'd gone to work for the L.A. Times, which means he now lives in the metropolis I grew up in.

The first column here on cell phones almost caused me to spew diet lemonade across my computer screen. The second one on going to see "The Da Vinci Code" with a pastor is actually pretty thought-provoking. (Both columns are on the L.A. Times website, which requires free registration - sorry.)

Note: Joel Stein is NOT a follower of Christ (as he clearly states in the second article), so don't read these expecting Chonda Whatever-Her-Last-Name-Is or Mark Lowrey. (For those of you who don't recognize either of those last two names, ignore this italicized note.)

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