Monday, June 19, 2006

Worth the Wait...

...well, at least I hope that my upcoming posts are worth waiting for:

  • why I quite playing D&D and the Bill Cosby Factor
  • Baptists, booze, and my incredible gratefulness for the concept of a "non-binding resolution"
  • a few random thoughts on red cards & why I'm rooting for more than just the US in the World Cup
  • my in-depth reviews of some cutting-edge games - Clue Junior & Monopoly Junior!
  • some new pictures of Braeden & Collin

But those will have to wait... as I'm typing this post from a computer at the library. Evidently, the cable modem at the church has gone on to the Great Hall Of Technological Necessities Which Quit Without Notice in the sky... and the folks who keep our satellite broadband service in play can't fix it (read: replace it) until Wednesday.

So, you'll just have to be patient for a few days!

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