Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Download

Need to be working - have a sermon to write on generosity as well as small group curriculum to pick & leaders to recruit - but I need to download some random thoughts/observations from my brain to "clear the tracks" before any of that can happen.
  • I'm concerned that the whole Hidden Immunity Idol thing may have gone completely off the tracks (game-wise) on Survivor... but I can't argue that it's bad television. Thursday night's Tribal Council was a hoot & a half.
  • Don't want to spoil The Amazing Race for you - but travel & stress are not bringing out the best in Sam & Dave. This has been a great season, BTW - we're going into the final four with only one team (the aforementioned brothers) that I don't particularly like.
  • Speaking of the The Amazing Race, Linda Holmes (formerly known as "Miss Alli" over on TWOP) is recapping this season on her blog, Things What Things. (It's a "thank you" to folks who donated generously to an education website.) She is still the best recapper around.
  • My life is not just TV... though watching the Green Bay/Cowboys game did occupy a chunk of my time yesterday. Watching it also caused me to wonder if there was a rip in the fabric of time & space - the 2- 6 Titans smacked down the Bills while the 6-2 Cowboys rolled over & played dead for the Cheeseheads.
  • Braeden & I got in the next battle in our Battle Masters campaign. Braeden managed to finally kill my Ogre Champion, but I still won the battle and am left once again with 7 elite squads. With the score 2-0, the next battle has a "fog of war" start which should be interesting.
  • Shari & I saw The Time Traveler's Wife at the $3 movie theater on Saturday night. (Thank you once again to Anna & Chris for letting the boys have a sleepover with Canaan.) The movie raises more questions that it answers... and, like all time travel stories, has some pretty big plot holes. Still, the premise is interesting enough for Shari & I both to want to read the book.
  • Yet another quote for the National Outreach Convention: "Maturity is not based on age or experience but on the willingness to obey Jesus." (paraphrased from Eric Michael Bryant)

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