Thursday, November 19, 2009

Translation Party! - The Game Quiz

Thanks to Wei-Hwa, I started playing around with Translation Party!...  and came up with a way to entertain ourselves while all the BGG.con folks are gone. Here's what he said about it:
For translation back-and-forth fun, is strangely addictive. You put in a phrase and it puts it back-and-forth into Google Translate to Japanese and back, until it "stabilizies." I once put in a bunch of different quotes and created an "identify the original quotes" puzzle:
I really liked his puzzle... and got inspired to create one of my own! 

Translation Party! Game Quiz
Figure out the names of these "translated" games.
  1. Get
  2. Bad touch
  3. Hooks and crooks
  4. Manic Channel
  5. Chikinchachacha
  6. Cause of the Universe
  7. Drop: Dark Tour
  8. Banihamu the needs of the Devil
  9. Foreign
  10. Town dying
  11. Control: conspiracy
  12. Erugurande
  13. Social
  14. Hyundai
  15. Mutation: Castle Siege
  16. The plot of the Queen
  17. Gyarakushiresu
  18. Role, through the Middle Ages
  19. Snow Fairy
  20. Warning capacity
  21. Neolithic
  22. Iron flow
  23. The Night of Power
  24. Crucible
  25. Bet wisdom
Here's the clues:
  • The answers are in alphabetical order.
  • The really difficult one is NOT an obscure game.
  • There is one game that is listed by the least common name out of multiple editions... sorry.
  • The number of words is not necessarily equivalent to the number of words in the original game name.
I'll post the answers tomorrow in a separate thread. Good luck!

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MiddleClassJoe said...

12 and 17. HAHAHA!