Saturday, December 05, 2009

I Would Play 100 Times... and I Would Play 100 More

The Proclaimers are just here because (a) they're cool, (b) they make a lovely musical soundtrack for reading my blog, (c) the song reminds me of how much I love my wife, and (d) it inspired the title of this post.

So, I taught Braeden to play Carcassonne tonight... and when I entered the play into my database at the Geek, I realized that it was my 100th game of Carc. That got me wondering - what other games had I played that many times?

The list is smaller than you'd think, based on my life long obsession with board games, but I've only been tracking game play since the middle of 1998 in an over-the-top OCD-ish spreadsheet kind of way.
  • Race for the Galaxy 302 (264 using The Gathering Storm expansion) - This is a 30 minute card game that scales well from 2-6 players AND has a very addictive official solitaire version. I figure about half of those plays are multiplayer games. (Braeden is also learning how to play this - we just added the first expansion last week.)
  • StreetSoccer 136 - A lot of these game were/are online (I've got 2 going right now) at I dearly love this backgammon-ish soccer game.
  • Lost Cities 116 - At one time, Shari's favorite card game - though now she likes Lost Cities: The Board Game better (less tension).
  • The Settlers of Catan 102 - I know for certain that I've played this at least 50 more times (pre-'98) than are recorded here... and would have played it a lot more if my local group (the Fresno Gamers) wasn't pretty much burned out on it. It's still in my top ten games after all these years.
  • Carcassonne 100 - I play some of this online - but I think this tile-layer is actually more fun in person. Braeden enjoyed himself tonight & is ready for more.
There are two games which are close to 100:
  • Can't Stop 90 - great push your luck dice game... I think it is Sid Sackson's greatest work. I don't get to play it much anymore, though.
  • Memoir '44 90 - Another one of my top ten games... the Campaign Book has kicked my number of plays up big-time, for which I am very grateful. I should cross the 100 threshold sometime in early 2010.

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Joe Huber said...

I am surprised - though to be honest, in spite of counting a bit longer (since '96) I've only got eight such games myself.

Though two of mine (Bridge & Race) are over 1,000...

(For anyone curious, the others are Hearts, 500, For Sale, Mue, Jambo, and Schnaeppchen Jagd. Settlers would also make my list if I'd been recording in '95)