Saturday, December 05, 2009

Five & Dime: 2008 Recap

Wow. I've been trying to clean up my blog site and realized I actually never put the compiler post with all the links to the Five & Dime: 2008 report. So, here it is.

I first began keeping track of the Five & Dime lists back in 1999... and here it is, 2009. Meaning I've been doing this for eleven (11) years. Either I'm very thorough or verging on OCD. (You choose.)

Here's the all the links for the 2008 Five & Dime reports.
And here's the links for graphic 'over time' comparisons of the top games, which I call Wide Angle Lens: BTW, we're only a month away from doing the 2009 Five & Dime (he says, taking a deep breath.)

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