Friday, December 18, 2009

Stocking Stuffers & Party Games

My friend & one-time game convention roomie, Eric Burgess, has a nifty podcast about boardgaming entitled, aptly enough, Boardgame Babylon. (Get it? "Babble on." He's a card, that Eric Burgess.) We keep talking about me being a guest on the show, but I think he's too busy hobnobbing with game designers to give me the time of day. (The preceding sentence is a joke - Eric is a really nice guy!)

His latest podcast is about stocking stuffers & party games... I just wanted to make comments on the podcast & point you in his direction:
  • I really, really am tempted to buy Small World in order to buy the expansions... I have a serious expansion fever problem.
  • I'm curious - for those of us who are not fans of Ticket to Ride: Europe (but love the original game), is the 1912 expansion worth the money?
  • Didn't know that Trendy had been reprinted as Horse Fair... you should go buy this game immediately.
  • I'll 2nd & 3rd Eric's suggestion of Wits & Wagers (and Say Anything!) as great party games.
  • Eric mentioned Ring-O Flamingo... I'll be doing a review of the game later this weekend. Short preview: my review is positive.
  • Finally, where we disagree: Monopoly is NOT tedious unless the players make it that way.
Thanks for a great podcast, Eric!


Bay said...

And Horse Fair comes with little plastic horses... I don't believe that Trendy comes with little plastic mannequins :-)

Unknown said...
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Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

No, Muhammad, it's not really an interesting post... it's an ad. That's why I deleted it.