Saturday, December 05, 2009

Kid Games 100: Recap

Back in June of 2008, I decided to create my own list of the top 100 Kid Games. It took me a long time (more than a year) to get the whole thing blogged out... and I'm still in the process of copying the reviews over to the Geek. (A number of them also appear on Erik Arneson's board games site on

The following links will help you find your way to the key posts in the series... but if you want to see all 127 of them, you can use the Kid Games label link. When the Kid Games 100 was finally finished, I realized that I needed to explain why a number of games were missing... so the MIA Games posts began:


Anonymous said...

I want to get a copy of Marrakesh from Haba. Do you have any idea where I can find one?

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

There's a copy available on the BoardGameGeek Marketplace:

$15, slightly used... good deal! (Esp. since it's out of print.)

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit obsolete. Also looking at the list i guess it's mostly for kids aged 6 or less, or kids playing without adults.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

So, to the anonymous poster who left a comment in January 2024:

1. The original list was created in 2008/2009... when my boys were age 7 and age 3. Coincidentally, that was 15 years ago, which might explain why it "looks a bit obsolete".

2. I still own many of these games - both to play with great-nieces & nephews as well as to enjoy with my (eventual) grandkids.

3. Playing games WITH children is a joy and a privilege - but the list covers a variety of appropriate ages (and there's even a post about Kid Games that I think are better with adults).

4. Would the list be different today? Obviously.