Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

They're games... of course.
  • Archaeology: The Card Game ($10) - I was underwhelmed with this set-collecting card game the first time I tried it... but multiple plays have won me over. There's enough luck to blame if things go wrong & enough interesting tactical decisions to claim credit for if you win.
  • Duck Duck Bruce ($10) - This is a reprint of a card game (Kleine Fische) that is VERY similar to Knizia's Circus Flohcati - but was released a year EARLIER. (Hmmm...) I think it's better than Knizia's game, btw. (Read my whole review!)
  • Famiglia ($10) - Two player card game of mob recruiting that has a bunch of interesting decisions... the more we play, the closer the scores get.
  • Hey Waiter! ($15) - Surprising how much game play the designer (go, Anthony!) can get out of a deck with only 4 types of cards... we haven't tried the partnership version yet (the preferred "gamer" way to play according to the buzz on BGG) but have had a lot of fun just playing the basic game.
  • Mummy's Treasure ($12) - A weird but enjoyable cross between Yahtzee & Tetris... the dice-rolling is Yahtzee-esque but the scoring uses Tetris-like pieces. (Read my whole review then check out the variant my son & I created for the game!)

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