Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BGN: State of the (Excellent) Site

I'm a huge fan of Boardgamenews... an excellent site for current news & reviews on board & card games. I've even written some of those reviews. (And the editor, W. Eric Martin, is an extremely nice guy.) I'd give you the URL, but there's been a little problem...

...due to computer/server difficulties, the site has been crashed since the end of November. If you want to know the whole story, check out W. Eric Martin's blog post, The Past and Future of Boardgame News.
My host is useless, and I am equally useless, lacking the technical skills to figure out what might be the problem in the site design. Worse, I can't log in to the site due to a lack of memory (duh), so I can't attempt to change the site design to strip even more things out to at least make it possible to post something to tell people why I can't post anything. A modern dilemma to be sure. A human in prehistoric times would respond to this situation by throwing the computer against the wall. That same impulse lives in me, too.
If you just want the highlights, here they are:
  • changed website to add cool features
  • cool features ate up too much memory
  • upgraded server (and all the difficulties that entails)
  • memory issues ate my dingo baby
  • crash bang boom
  • and, THE GOOD NEWS: "That solution is largely in place, and Boardgame News will return sometime in January 2011, if not sooner. More details on this solution soon."

Long live BGN! (Enjoy your Christmas holiday, you recalcitrant pile of 1's and 0's.)

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