Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Heroscape "Arena of Doom"

I'll try to get better pictures of this Heroscape board this next week (since Braeden & Canann & I are getting ready for an epic 1000 pt army battle on it) but I still wanted to show it off. This is my self-created "Arena of Doom" that I built for Crazy Squirrel Game Store's grand opening celebration this last Saturday.

Yes, I'm the dumpy guy with a goattee & a silly grin.

This is a better picture of the board... that's my arm coming in from the right. (Yes, my mother taught me it's not polite to point.)

We managed three games on the board... and all of them were a lot of fun!

UPDATE: Joe Aguayo (who played in the 2nd game) sent me this picture he took which gives you an even better look at the board.


Jonathan said...

Cool map! Do you have it in Virtualscape?

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

No, I don't. Is there a good map editor for Mac (OS 10.5.8)?

I used to use LandScape but that was a LONG time ago.