Thursday, February 10, 2022

#90: Mississippi Queen (Mark's Top 100 2022)

Mississippi Queen
    • rank: 2,233
    • rating: 6.3
    • published: 1997
    Print Status
    • out of print?
    Why It's On The List
    • Steamboat racing at it's best - this is a pretty simple game (once everyone figures out how to tell what order everyone moves) that is fun to play & gorgeous to look at.
    Tips & Tricks:
      • Mississippi Queen is improved by the use of The Black Rose expansion - esp. if playing with 5-6 players. (Note: I originally wrote that back in '05... over time, I've come to believe that the expansion works best as seasoning - use the coaling station & the "evil islands" tile & the extra steamboats - but that the logs & sandbars simply slow the game down.)
      • I'm not sure about the print status of Mississippi Queen - the original edition & expansion have long since gone OOP, but there was a new edition published by Super Meeple in 2019. However, I can't get a good handle on how easy it is to find a copy of the new edition.
      • Here's my extensive Game Central Station post on rulings & variants for Mississippi Queen. (Note: if you're new to this blog, Game Central Station is the board game website that I used to run back in the day.)
      • Gaming history tidbit: Mississippi Queen won the Spiel des Jahres back in 1997, which has caused a good bit of griping over the years. Tigris & Euphrates, the gamer-y pick of the year, was not even nominated. (You'll notice that I do not include T&E in my top 100 - it's a game I respect but don't like to play.) 

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