Sunday, February 06, 2022

#94: Flamme Rouge (Mark's Top 100 2022)

Flamme Rouge

    • rank: 215
    • rating: 7.5
    • published: 2016
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    • in print
    Why It's On The List
    • It's apt to compare this game to the classic 6 Nimmt card game (what with simultaneous action selection and resolution of cards)... but it's really a well-thought-out way to simulate cycling that plays in 30-45 minutes. 
    Tips & Tricks:
      • Looking at the track and figuring out to shepherd your "good" cards for later in the race is an important skill.
      • Drafting is key in this game - holding the lead for most of the game will end up with you sputtering at the end (just like real cycling!).
      • Watch for tight spots or crowded groups - you can get caught where you can't catch the leader due to the crowd rather than your lack of good cards.
      • I reviewed Flamme Rouge for the Opinionated Gamers... and also advanced my theory of the Three Buckets of Sports Games.
      • There are two "big" expansions for Flamme Rouge - Peloton (which adds two more teams and more kinds of road to race on) and Meteo (which adds weather conditions).
      • There is another expansion coming in 2022 - Grand Tour (which is supposed to add multi-stage campaigns, new track, and specialist riders.) Color me excited!
      • I'm a little sad that Um Reifenbreite didn't make it into my top 100 games... it's a wonderful racing game but I've had immense difficulty getting it to the table in recent years.

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