Friday, April 08, 2022

#33: Wildlands (Mark's Top 100 2022)


  • rank: 935
  • rating: 7.3
  • published: 2018
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Why It's On The List
  • While I'm not a fan of Martin Wallace's "classic" games (Age of Steam, Brass, etc.), I think that this card-based skirmish game is brilliant. It plays quickly, each faction has it's own flavor, and the variety of expansions and maps available give the game system great variety. (And the miniatures are excellent.)
Tips & Tricks:
  • There are two tricky concepts when introducing the game to new players - first, the pictures on the cards are not "who can use this card". (That is indicated by the flags on the edge of the card.)
  • Second, the wise use of the Interrupt actions can often be the difference between winning and losing... but it's really tempting to use the wild movement or draw 2 capabilities of those cards.
  • While some teams thrive on being in a tight group (or at least in LOS of each other), it's often smart to spread out your team to find your shards.
  • The balance of victory conditions (you get 1 point for each opponent figure eliminated and 1 point for each shard recovered - first to 5 points wins) means that some teams will focus on getting rid of opponents, some will race to harvest their shards, and still others will aim for a balance of objectives.
  • I own all of the expansions - and while I think they all have things to recommend them, my favorites are the second map pack (The Fall of the Dark House) and the incredible big box (The Ancients).
  • Speaking of The Ancients, it not only adds a couple of great maps, a team play mode, and a new faction of high-powered Ancients... it also adds an excellent solo mode as you face off against those Ancients. (Yes, it's the eighth of 18 game that come recommended for solo play on this countdown.)
  • Well, not ALL of the expansions - I'd love to get my hands on the promo expansions (The Hagmoles and The Thorns & The Roses). 

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