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#40: Era: Medieval Age (Mark's Top 100 2022)

Era: Medieval Age
    • rank: 972
    • rating: 7.2
    • published: 2019
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    Why It's On The List
    • This 3D re-implementation of Matt Leacock's classic Roll Through The Ages did not impress me on my first play... but subsequent plays changed my mind. It's not the same game with cuter bits - it is a different (and more confrontational) game with limited amounts of certain buildings and the ability to bleed your opponents if you choose to pursue that route.
    Tips &Tricks:
    • Important safety tip: don't forget the final phase of each turn, which is Extort. Simply using all your resources won't prevent pain (you gain disaster points instead). 
    • Corollary to the safety tip: in a 3 or 4 player game, you could potentially get hit multiple times in the Extort phase. Plan accordingly.
    • You can't do everything - but you should at least build a walled area and put some valuable buildings in it (since they are doubled in a completed walled area).
    • I consider the Rivers & Roads expansion essential - not only does it add some very interesting new buildings and the titular rivers & roads, it also adds cards for the middle of the table that are much easier to see and understand about the cost & power of each building.
    • I also own all of the Collector Set expansions... which add a variety of tricky twists to the system. They're not cheap (I used leftover Christmas money to buy them) but if you're enjoying the game system, they're pretty nifty.
    • The solo mode works well... and building a little working medieval city is very satisfying. It's the seventh of 18 solo-recommended games on the countdown.
    • This is the first of two Matt Leacock games on my top 100 countdown.

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