Wednesday, April 06, 2022

#35: Jump Drive (Mark's Top 100 2022)

Jump Drive
    • rank: 1,043
    • rating: 7.0
    • published: 2017
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    • in print
    Why It's On The List
    • The lightest of the Race for the Galaxy family games is not just a sci-fi retread of Tom Lehmann's The City... it's an interesting blend of the two systems to make for a very quick and highly enjoyable tableau building card game.
    Tips &Tricks:
    • Chances are excellent that someone who hasn't played much will tell that a certain building strategy is "broken" and "always wins". See my personal information below for why I raise a Spock-ish eyebrow to that claim.
    • You only have 6-8 rounds before the game is over... so exploring (drawing extra cards instead of building) is a serious decision. Doing it twice is just a nice way to say "let's play again after you beat me."
    • I have played Jump Drive 93 times and The City 108 times.
    • I wrote a review of Jump Drive for the Opinionated Gamers website. (I will note that I am now incorrect in that review - the newest edition of The City makes it much easier to teach - it's in English - and score - it has point chips just like Jump Drive.)
    • This is the second of five (5!) Tom Lehman designs on the countdown... and the second of three Race for the Galaxy-themed games.

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