Monday, February 11, 2008

Five & Dime 2007: Fresh Faces

These are games that appeared on the Five & Dime lists for the first time... in some cases, they may be older games that just hadn't reached a particular play threshold.

Notre Dame62026.52%
Race for the Galaxy48518.60%
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery1257.01%
Caylus Magna Carta1205.79%
Imperial 854.27%
Combat Commander: Europe753.35%
Die Siedler von Catan – Das W├╝rfelspiel603.05%

Tied at 2.74% (less than 60 "score"): 1960: The Making of the President, Filou/Felix: The Cat in the Sack, Last Night on Earth - The Zombie Game

A few short comments... kind of blown away by the wave of Agricola play (esp. since all of those copies had to be majorly "pasted up") - glad I pre-ordered a Z-Man copy. Notice as well that there are a number of not-so-lite games on this list: Imperial & Combat Commander both count (along with the aforementioned Agricola). Finally, catch the overwhelming lead of Notre Dame & Race for the Galaxy - and, to some extent, Zooloretto - wowsa.


Anonymous said...

Not all the Agricola games had to be pasted up if you have any German-speakers giving you their 5&10 data.

Still pretty impressive to be that high on the list after being released only 2 1/2 months!

derk, said...

I don't know 'bout you guys, but after I play Agricola, I'm usually so frustrated with my performance that I want to play again. Not to mention, it takes a bit to set-up, so it lends itself to repeat playings in a given single-session...

Anonymous said...

Which "Vikings" is this?

I'm surprised to see Imperial on the list. That's a game I'm interested in trying -- I'm an old Diplomacy fan -- but would have thought it was so big and complicated that nobody would get through it five times in a year!

Escalation is also interesting to see on the list -- a quick Reiner Knizia game I've yet to try but am looking forward to.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

"Which Vikings?", you ask. - which is the Michael Kiesling game also known as Wikinger.

And I was as surprised as you by Imperial.