Friday, February 08, 2008

Five & Dime 2007: Wide Angle Lens (Four Year Pix)

These graphs cover 2007 (top bar) through 2004 (bottom bar). The bar is the percentage of players reporting who played the game 5+ times in the given year. The games here first appeared on the Five & Dime lists in 2004.

Blue Moon
Ingenious/Einfach Genial
Memoir '44
No Thanks/Geschenkt
San Juan
St. Petersburg
Ticket To Ride (does not include Marklin or Europe)


Anonymous said...

Am I reading these wide angle graphs right? All of the games appear on a lower percentage of five and dime lists each year?

I guess this means we are a very fickle bunch. I would have expected some favorites to gain in popularity.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Yep, qzhdad, you are reading them correctly. With a very exceptions, games get less 5+ play every year.

While I'd agree in principle that we're a fickle bunch (gamers, that is), that's probably exaggerated on these lists because they are compiled from people who track their gaming - a subset of board gamers that (I would guess) are more likely to be card-carrying members of the Cult of the New.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

That's "very FEW exceptions"... sigh.