Friday, February 22, 2008

Jump Cuts

  1. Sorry that I haven't finished up all the Five & Dime stats... work has begun on the final 5 posts, but they probably won't start publishing until Monday.
  2. The NFL got muscled by some politicians - and now it's OK for churches to have Super Bowl parties. Man, I still don't get why it took this long to get straightened out. (Here's a post from on it from last year.)
  3. Speaking of churches, there's a church in Tampa that's doing a 30 day Sex Challenge. They're urging single folks to not engage in sexual activity for 30 days - and for married folks to "engage" for 30 days. (I'm guessing the 2nd one causes more interesting discussions... want to know more about what I think about sex? Check out this post... and this one... and this one.)
  4. The Fresno Gamers are moving to Tuesday nights for the month of March to see if that will work better for more of our members. If you're in Fresno (or just drop by for a visit), come & join us!
  5. Finally, speaking about jump cuts: I wish I could find CD versions of Prodigal's three albums - Prodigal, Electric Eye & Just Like Real Life (Jump Cut). Wait a minute! I should check iTunes!

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