Monday, February 04, 2008

Five & Dime 2007: Most Played Games

Ticket To Ride64025.61%28.45%43.94%
Notre Dame62026.52%newnew
Lost Cities55523.48%18.10%26.26%
No Thanks/Geschenkt54522.56%25.86%21.21%
Diamant/Incan Gold54521.95%27.59%28.79%
Race for the Galaxy48518.60%newnew
Hey! That's My Fish/Pingvinas47019.82%31.03%2.02%
San Juan46019.21%25.86%34.85%
Settlers of Catan41017.99%25.00%20.71%
Thurn & Taxis40516.46%37.07%new
Liar's Dice39015.85%25.00%17.17%
For Sale35516.77%23.28%30.81%
Power Grid35016.77%24.14%19.70%
Can't Stop35014.63%13.79%10.10%
Loopin' Louie33513.11%21.55%6.57%
10 Days/Europa Tour32513.11%25.86%11.62%
Battleline/Schotten Totten32513.11%15.52%15.15%

26th place with a score of 305: Wits & Wagers.

"score" is computed by giving a game 5 points for each person playing it 5-9 times and 10 points for each person playing 10+ times

the percentage numbers for each year are the percent of respondents who reported playing the game 5+ or 10+ times

This year, the Five & Dime lists celebrated 10 years by having the largest crowd of respondents ever... 328! (Yikes.) It's important to note that for all of these statistics, particularly the percentage numbers as compared to previous years, that the huge influx of lists is pushing down the average percentage of even the most popular games.

I really wondered if Ticket to Ride would stay in place - and it did. (One caveat: I think that some of the respondents pooled their TtR play together... while I broke out Marklin & Europe as they are stand-alone games.)

Rather than jumping the shark, Carcassonne actually gained ground this year. While I like the game, I was pretty sure that it was going to crash sooner or later. And I've been wrong. (Speaking of wrong, Thurn & Taxis was revived by the appearance of the expansions and continues to hang in there.)

Hey! That's My Fish did really well... although it took an almost 50% drop. I think that drop is due mostly to the number of folks responding. (I don't understand this popularity... ah, well.)

BattleLore did come roaring in (as I predicted)... while Memoir '44's fan base kept it in good shape but not enough to re-crack the top 25. We'll have to see what happens with the Air Pack being released & the promise of British troops. And, of course, whether the continued release of expansions (hopefully, Heroes & the like) helps BattleLore sustain its place here.

Caylus did fade out... I think due in part to Caylus Magna Carta. Puerto Rico has been out of the top 25 for two years now, while other "classics" (Settlers, Ra, Bohnanza, etc.) continue to hang on.

The big questions:

  • Can Notre Dame hold on? My prediction: no.
  • Will Race for the Galaxy be #1 next year? My predicition: maybe not on this list, but it's a lock for the Dimes list.
  • Will Race for the Galaxy's popularity hurt San Juan? My predicition: yes, but I'm not sure how much.
  • What will happen to Yspahan? I dunno - what do you think?

In fact, what do you think about any of this? Use the comments area (and keep it clean & friendly!)


AnakinOU said...

"What will happen to Yspahan? I dunno - what do you think?"

I think it will drop out of the list. Gamers who want to roll dice will be playing Kingsburg in 08...which is fine by me.

Greg W said...
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Greg W said...

I actually think Yspahan will get more plays than Kingsburg because it is lighter and faster. I will be slightly surprised if Kingsburg makes the list because it's more expensive and from a new publisher.

Race for the Galaxy will continue to eat San Juan's lunch, though it may stick around for those who can't deal with all the symbols. I still enjoy San Juan but almost all my plays last year came before Race hit the table the first time.

Race is so diverse I could see it sustaining a high level of play. I've already played it 45 times since the beginning of December. I suspect that if I tire of it the first expansion will come just in time to renew my level of interest. I'm tempted to call it the ultimate filler for two to four players, but I don't think that does the game justice.