Sunday, August 06, 2006

Going To Oregon (aka Vacation)

By this time tomorrow, we hope to be splashing about in the hotel pool in Red Bluff, CA... that is, if the circus that is packing up myself, my lovely wife, Braeden (age 5) and Collin (age 1) goes smoothly.

It's vacation time for the Jackson family - we're headed north! Final destination: Columbia City, Oregon, where my parents live. On the way, we plan to see Lassen Volcanic National Park and, in true gamer fashion, stop & pay homage at Funagain Games in Ashland, OR.

While there, Mom's talking about us going to Silver Falls State Park (or maybe the Columbia Gorge), heading out to Mt. St. Helens if there's a clear day, and taking the boys to the zoo.

Sometime in here, we'll drive down to Beaverton to hang out with my best friend from high school and his family.

And in the middle of all this fun, Shari & I are headed to the coast for a night... without the boys! (Thanks, grandparents & aunt Liz!)

Then, a slightly faster drive home (2 days instead of 3) and we're back. Whew!

I do plan to blog a bit while I'm gone, thanks to the fact that my mom has better technology than I do. Hopefully I can post some pix of our trip while we're still on it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey amn tell you Dad and Mom I said hi and hope all is well!!! have a great Vacation