Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vacation Update #4

This is the last post before we take off from my folks' home & head south. We'll drive to Yreka, CA, on Friday - then on into Fresno on Saturday.

Still, before I go, a couple of more highlights:
  • WEDNESDAY - We got to play Ark - this time with my mom, Shari & Braeden, and me.
  • THURSDAY - We took it easy today - going out for pizza, stopping by Northwest Rods & Restoration, stopping by the river to throw rocks in the water & watch a big cargo ship go by.
Those may not sound like highlights... but it's with the boys & Shari & my mom and dad. Basically ANYTHING is a highlight.

Games played in the last two days: Ark, Insel der Schmuggler, Snap!, Superman Returns Memory (from the Life cereal boxes) Zwergen Ziehen, and Pokemon Sorry (x2).

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Mojo said...

Greetings all the way from N. Ireland! Love your blog! Will call back soon!