Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vacation Update #2

More trip highlights:
  • THURSDAY - Braeden & I got to hang out at Dad's new shop/business... Northwest Rods & Restorations. Marty, one of Dad's partners, gave Braeden the royal treatment - he got to go into the paint booth, see how the metal roller/cutter worked, and even sit in Marty's speedboat. And Marty & Raymond replaced the bumper on the Honda - it looks perfect.
  • THURSDAY - picked up Liz from the airport, then went shopping for replacement makeup & haircare products. (Liz was caught in the carry-on rules change following the terrorist threats in England.)
  • FRIDAY -w drove over to the Columbia Gorge & looked at waterfalls - Wahkeena Falls is esp. beautiful.
  • FRIDAY - Braeden & I hiked from Wahkeena Falls to Multnomah Falls (about a 1/2 mile) on our own... it was a great father/son adventure. We found a waterfall & a cave... and we saw 2 trains go by on the tracks next to the trail, which was pretty cool.
Big plans for the next couple of days - we may be headed to Mount St. Helens today. Tomorrow, Shari & I head for the Washington coast for a night away with "just us parents". Mom, Dad & Aunt Liz will have to keep up with the boys!

Games played in the last two days: Insel der Schmuggler, Secrets of the Deep, and Pokemon Sorry (x2). Evidently, Braeden's turning into an obsessive gamer - in a few years, this will be 10+ games of the Settlers of Catan.


Anonymous said...

As you drove from the falls back through town toward your parents' house, if you had timed it right--let's say if you had cocked your arm at the Sandy Blvd overpass and hucked that stone perpendicular to your car and to the right just as you got out from under the 33rd Ave overpass, aiming for the purple house just to the left of the Vespa sign--you might have hucked it through my bathroom window, which would have been the first communication I'd had from you since just before my divorce became official. Thanks for not doing so, however, since that window has a fairly intricate design that would be expensive to replace.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...


I'm trying to teach Braeden & Collin not to throw rocks where they can hurt others or other people's stuff. So, no danger of me throwing anything your way.

OTOH, I'd be happy to communicate with you in some other form - try e-mailing me at gamingpastor at yahoo dot com.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

I feel like a total dork... "redeal turin" was the name of Jim Trerise's druid when I was playing D&D.

Turns out he was just virtually tweaking me before the delightful surprise of seeing him at Keith's on Wednesday morning.


Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

redeal... shoot, I meant redael - not that the obscure backwards naming of 20+ year old D&D characters is really going to matter, right?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrak, don't you know typos are the other unforgivable sin?